Thursday, June 28, 2012

Your Comments: Lazarus Pervez Athwal

Name*:Lazarus Pervez Athwal
Message*:Its very easy to give news of the church activities.But our real problems lie with equal human rights.We do not have equal rights in Pakistan.We are considered 2nd class citizen of Pakistan.Pakistan is not being governed as Quaid-E-Azam promised with minorities.He promised that Pakistan will be a secular state, not a religious state but now-----.Nothing is as Quaid Said.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your Comments: Dr Shabaz Bhatti

Name*:Dr Shabaz Bhatti
Message*:Rev Fr Arthur Charles

Christian Greetings from CYF Italy.
Its my pleasure to go through your web site it is really beautiful and good looking.I am happy to observe that you have maintain its high standard.It is execellent in every respect.I feel proude of yours commitment,and dedication and hard work.The standrad of Agahi is amazing and oustanding.
May God bless you in the ministry Task of yours.
Yours In Him
Dr Shabaz Bhatti (FounderChair)

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